Connecting Christ and Community



Connecting Christ and Community

I am so glad you stopped by and took the time to look over things on the website. You can read all about the church on the site but the best way is to come by and check things out for yourself. Most people do that for the first time at our Sunday morning aervice at 11am in the main building. You are also encouraged to come by the offce and speak with me, Pastor George, if you would like. We are an imperfect group of people following a perfect God and seeking to connect with Christ, connect with Community and connect Christ with Community. We likew to do this by showing God's love in practical ways.  


Pastor George

Thomas Memorial Baptist Church


10:00 AM No Sunday School 

11:00 AM Morning Worship Service in the Sanctuary

5:00 PM  Vacation Bible School Meeting

6:00 PM  Evening Service via Facebook 


9:30 AM  No Day Care Mission Friends

6:30 PM  Properties Committee Meeting

7:00 PM  PDBA Executive Meeting in Dillon


9:30 AM Day Care Chapel

6:30 PM  Finance Committee Meeting


6:30 PM  Prayer Service in the Sanctuary  

7:00 PM  Online Prayer Service/Bible Study begins

7:15 PM No Adult Choir Practice


7:00 AM  Emmaus Meeting